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Inventing and Reinventing the Modern City - Call for papers!

Joan Allen

Inventing and Reinventing the Modern City An international conference at Teesside University 7 and 8 September 2012 - Call for Papers!

2012 marks an important moment in the history of Middlesbrough: we will discover whether Middlesbrough’s application for city status has been successful. 2012 is thus the ideal time, and Middlesbrough the ideal place, to examine aspects of the evolution of the modern city. Accordingly, the Centre for Regional and Local Historical Research (CRLHR) at Teesside University – in collaboration with the North East England History Institute (NEEHI) – is holding a two day international conference, ‘Inventing and Reinventing the Modern City’.
Bringing together specialists in Urban History, from established scholars to graduate students, the conference themes will include, but not be limited to, the following:

• Changes in urban planning, from the ancient city to the twenty-first century metropolis.
• The government and infrastructure of cities and its relationship to citizenship and
• Ethnic and social diversity in the urban landscape.
• Developments in what constitutes a city, from religious focal points to mercantile
centres to purpose-built conurbations.
• Aspirational cities, including recent applicants for city status.
• The economic transformation of cities,from boom to bust to regeneration and
• Competing claims on the ownership and meaning of space and place between citizens,
authorities, and corporations.

Proposals are invited (c200 words) for 20-minute communications to be sent by email to by 30 April 2012
Keynotes speakers include:
Professor John Beckett (University of Nottingham)
Professor Barry Doyle (University of Huddersfield)

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